Our mission is to improve the quality of life for BIPOC who are affected by IBD, Digestive Disorders and associated Chronic Illnesses; through Community, Research, Education, and Advocacy.

Patient Stories: Tionna Forchion #InLivingCOCCI


In the 20 years, I have lived with Crohn’s disease, I have realized there were ways that access to care can be improved to benefit a patient’s health and well-being.

What stands out currently is ensuring that doctors, surgeons, and all our healthcare providers are easily accessible and that their schedules allow them to properly care for those of us with severe chronic illnesses promptly.

Recently after a few hospitalizations, I have found myself not being able to get an appointment with my doctor until a month or two later, despite me still flaring and my hospital discharge instructions stating that I was to see my physician within two weeks at least.

Unfortunately, while waiting for my appointment, some of my symptoms got worse. This can be frustrating because for my illness to be managed appropriately I must get an appointment in a timely manner. Reliable access to healthcare providers and healthcare services are essential.

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